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A Lenten Journey for You

Lent 2022: Wed March 3-Sat April 16


A time of prayer, repentance, discovery, and renewal

Our Lenten journey begins on Ash Wednesday.  On that day, we are marked with the sign of the cross with ashes from the remains of last year’s palms from Palm/Passion Sunday. The cross and the burnt palms are to remind us of Holy Week and Jesus’ suffering and death.  Ashes, throughout the Bible, were signs of repentance and remorse.  The words, “remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return”, remind us of our mortality.  This is the season to remember that we all make mistakes, to remember that we are forgiven, and that we can move on.  We begin our journey to renewal…our journey from death (ashes/cross) to life (Easter/love).

God is on the Move
In the beginning, God moved over the watery chaos, and the earth was formed.  God moved through the desert leading the Hebrews to the Promised Land.  God moved a stone and Jesus was resurrected.  God is moving at All Saints.  Over the next year we will be moving, too, by growing our personal faith, growing our parish relationships, and growing our outreach.  Our Lenten journey offers a variety of ways to target these specific areas while preparing our hearts and souls for the great celebration of Easter.

A time of prayer, repentance, discovery, and renewal


9 AM Sunday Series

Prayer is an intentional practice that keep us connected to God. But how do we pray?  What words can we say?  What do we do when God us silent?  Come and learn ways to deepen your relationship with God.  Sundays at 9am


3/13      The Jesus Prayer – An ancient prescription for calling Jesus close.


3/20      Lectio Divina – This centuries old Benedictine practice connects us to God through Scripture.


3/27 Praying in Color – when you can’t find the words


4/03 Turning Those Doodles into Prayer - 

Mini Retreat

April 2

Come away for a day of quiet and refreshment. 

Our annual retreat will be held Saturday April 02 8:30 to noon.  Deepen your discipleship and enrich your experience of Lent. Of course there are bagels!

Monday  Nights

7 PM

As we work to grow our faith community, we set aside time for conversation. Monday nights before Compline, we'll take some time to talk about an issue or topic in the context of ou faith, community and the world around us.


Friday  Nights

6 PM

March 11 – 5pm    Fish, Chips and Fire Pit Friday

03/18   A Way of the Cross- A moving and memorable meditation experience.

Holy Week

April 10-April 16

6 PM 04/11    Tenebrae 


6 PM 04/12    Voices of the Cross 


6 PM 04/13    A Way of the Cross 


6 PM 04/14    Maundy Thursday

Start your Three Holy Days (Triduum)  at 6pm with a pot-luck Mediterranean meal, washing of feet, and stripping of the altar.  Be part of the Watch throughout the night.                    


04/15            Good Friday                       

12 PM Good Friday Service

6 PM Burial Service     


7 PM 04/19   Easter Vigil! 

This is the most important service of the year.  Don’t miss it…make one of the readings come alive! Enjoy a pot-luck appetizer and chocolate feast and a champagne toast!    


04/20            Easter!                                       



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