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Fasting, or the voluntary giving up of food, is practiced by many religions and cultures.  Fasting during Lent is to purposedly make a space for God.  It works like this:  think if you are thirsty and you pour yourself a cold refreshing glass of milk.  Usually, you pour a full glass of 8 ounces.  During a fast you intentionally pour only 4 ounces, leaving an empty space of 4 ounces.  We use that empty space to fill with God-inviting things like prayer, reading the Bible, meditating.  We can fast by giving up anything from chocolate and screens, to being judgmental and swearing.  The trick is, that whatever we fast from, that we catch ourselves and fill that longing, that habit, that whatever, and reach for God instead. 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Fast from the Dunkin’ take out window and use the 5 minutes in a quiet space to pray or meditate

  • Use Lent to offset a habit that might be limiting or less than healthy. Replace with something life-giving

  • Fast from swearing at the driver who cut you off and replace with a prayer or bible verse

  • Go meatless one night for dinner, save $5 and see our section on “give”

  • Give up tv/searching the web/movies and with your time write a letter to God

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