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All Saints Annual Auction

Barbara Reeves-Hand Painted Stool

One of a kind four legged stool

Body Glove Snorkeling Set

Includes Mesh Gear Bag, snorkel, mask, flippers

Bunny Love

Small garden ornament

Domed Weather Station

A great conversation piece!

ECHO Show 8

Keep in touch with family members and friends with face to face screen time. Talk with friends, watch movies, listen to your favorite radio and podcast broadcasts. Alexa

Folding Chair with Cooler Bag

All in one: lightweight

Hand Carved Dolphin Walking Stick

A one of a kind hand painted piece

Harry Monk-Hand Carved Sand Piper

Indoor Wind Chimes

Create a relaxing home environment

Lovely Tabletop Music Box Sculpture Birds and Flowers

Plays "Yesterday"

Lunch bag


Placeholder Image

Northeastern Harbors Platter

Spartina 449

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